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Why is my Condition so Rare? What are my Options?

Rare conditions Dealing with health issues is a challenge in itself. Having a rare medical condition adds additional levels of obstacles and disarray. In addition, you may feel that your questions and concerns are being ignored or disregarded. It is unfortunate that these challenges are shared by so many individuals dealing with rare conditions. It […]

What is TeleAdvocacy, and How Can it Help?

What is TeleAdvocacy? TeleAdvocacy is patient advocacy from a distance; such as via a technology platform, such as telephone, video visits, emails, and text messaging. TeleAdvocacy provides the opportunity to have an experienced patient advocate help you even if they are not demographically close to you.  How Can A Private Patient Advocate Advocate for Me […]

What is a Patient Advocate? Do I need one?

There are different definitions of the term “patient advocate”. It is a fairly new concept, and without knowing the different definitions, you can’t really understand why you need a patient advocate. In addition, a patient advocate is often called a health advocate, medical advocate, medical navigator, or professional advocate. There are three main definitions of […]

Is Genetic Testing Right For You?

You may have heard about genetic testing. But what exactly is it and is it something you should consider? Genetic testing identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. It can be used for precision medicine to help best manage your condition. Why Genetic Testing? Precision medicine is an emerging field of medicine that relies on […]

What Can a Private Patient Advocate Do for Me?

Increasing awareness of the necessity for private patient advocacy has increased. While the term Private Patient Advocacy is becoming known, many wonder what a private patient advocate can actually do for them. What’s the benefit? There are several benefits a private patient advocate can help with, including cancer and chronic disease management, senior care placement, […]