Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Private (independent) Patient Advocate):

A private patient advocate is sometimes called a health advocate, professional advocate, medical navigator, or medical advocate. A private patient advocate is an unbiased individual who is not affiliated with a specific health system or insurance company. He or she is someone who works for YOU to help navigate you through your health challenges. In addition, with a private patient advocate you never have to feel alone. We can help with a variety of challenges including; new diagnoses, undiagnosed symptoms, rare disorders, cancer, elderly care management, medical billing, and insurance issues.

Why should I choose Pathway Patient Advocates?

• Dr. Elena Borrelli holds a Doctorate of Medical Science, is an experienced Health Consultant, and is a Board Certified Patient Advocate. She has over 25 years of experience working in the medical field. Cancer, rare disorders, and undiagnosed symptoms need intensive care management and expert care. Pathway Patient Advocates can help you attain just that. Dr. Borrelli and her team treat every client like a part of their family.

• Dr. Borrelli is also a patient who has been in your shoes, as well as a mother, a daughter, and a sister of someone with critical, chronic, and rare conditions.

• We have a whole team working for you. Let us help you get the proper care that you deserve.

Can I use my Health Insurance to Pay for your Services?

Private (independent) patient advocacy currently is not covered by health insurance.  Pathway Patient Advocates work directly for you and will ensure your health, well-being, patient rights, and best interests are taken seriously. 

If you have a health savings account (HSA), you may be able to use it to pay for independent Patient Advocate services.

We accept payment by major credit card, debit card, or ACH bank transfer.

Can you diagnose, treat, and act as my healthcare provider?

NO. While Dr. Borrelli is a healthcare provider, she works as a Patient Advocate with Pathway Patient Advocates. She will use her education and experience to act as a consultant and advocate for you.

How do you account for Privacy?

Privacy is very important to us.  We only discuss and share information about you or your loved one when you provide us permission to do so. Rest assured, that we take your privacy very seriously. We utilize HIPPA-compliant electronic management systems. We also follow various safety protocols to help protect your information.