How can a Private Patient Advocate Help with your aging parent?

Trying to navigate and assist an aging parent can be an overwhelming task. Aside from trying to manage your busy lifestyle, you also are trying to adapt to the changes that your parents are experiencing both physically as well as emotionally. As a parent, you may feel a sense of guilt, because, despite your efforts, things are not going very smoothly. Oftentimes, this leads to tension in the relationship between the parent and the child. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways that a private patient advocate can help smooth the transition and help your aging parent better adapt to their changing lifestyle, whatever that may be, and help achieve and maintain the quality of life that they are content with.

Reviewing Health and Medical Team

An experienced private patient advocate can review your parent(s) medical records to search for medical errors, gaps in care, and areas of concern.
It is surprising to most how often information is mistakenly documented in medical records and then repeatedly carried on throughout the chart. Electronic medical records have offered many advantages to healthcare, however, it also increases the ease of copying and pasting incorrect information. In the fast pace healthcare environment, these errors are often overlooked and not picked up by healthcare professionals.

Your parent may need a specialist for a specific condition or may benefit from a visit to their primary care provider for a new or lingering symptom. A private patient advocate can help identify that coordinate the necessary steps. We can help assess what may be missing from your parent’s medical team so that they have access to appropriate care to evaluate their symptoms and overall health.

Medication Management

As we age, often so does the number of daily medications taken. Polypharmacy, also known as taking many medications simultaneously, is a rising concern for elderly patients. Taking too much medication or unnecessary medication can have detrimental effects. Each time your parent has a change in medications from a doctor’s visit or hospital stay, there is an increased risk of errors in their medication regimen. This may mean that your parent is unnecessarily taking more than one of the same types of medication for the management of the same problem. Perhaps they are now taking too high or too low of a dose. Or perhaps their prescriptions run out before refills are ordered. Anytime a change of medication occurs, there is a chance for error. A private patient advocate can help eliminate these errors by reviewing, educating, and managing medications, as well as necessary refills.

Navigate Care

A private patient advocate can navigate care to get your aging parent the care needed. For example, perhaps they need a new primary care physician or specialist. Perhaps they have had the same provider, but it’s just not working with their current lifestyle. Maybe they are homebound and can now benefit from a visiting physician or provider offering virtual visits. Perhaps they now need more in-home care, etc. There are several options available that are often covered by insurance or community programs. It also may be time for your parent to start considering a change in the living environment. We can help compare options as well as assist in a smooth transition.

Preparing and Attending Appointments

Not only can a private patient advocate help find a new provider and schedule appointments, but we can also prepare you for that appointment so that you are getting the most out of your visit. For example, we will discuss and provide a list of questions to ask and any areas of concern. We are available to attend appointments as well. We can also arrange for your parent to be transported to their appointments as needed.

Quality of life

The ultimate goal of a private patient advocate is to assist in navigating your parent’s health so that they achieve the best quality of life. Understanding what they want to achieve and maintain is our first step. We will LISTEN to you and your parent and never make assumptions. Our assistance and approach are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your unique and special parent so that you can rest assured that the person that once cared for you, is receiving the care and assistance they now need.

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