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Do you have a Medical Bill?

Has your insurance company ever denied any of your claims? Have you received bills stating you’re responsible for the full cost of services rendered? Have you ever been told after receiving care, imaging, or lab work that it is not covered because the services were not necessary? Most of us have encountered rejected medical claims. […]

Cancer During COVID19

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Life during the COVID pandemic is filling us with uncertainty and fear.  If you or a family member are diagnosed with Cancer or are a Cancer survivor, you likely have even more questions during this time. Today we address some common questions that you may have: Am I at an […]

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Healthcare?

None of us are strangers to receiving a bill after a physician’s office visit, a procedure, or hospital admission, and thinking “WOAH, there is no way this is right”. Medical billing errors are common, and unfortunately, many people are overpaying for healthcare services. Some errors are a result of miscoding, while others are attributed to […]

When Your Child is Sick…

Being a parent is an absolutely amazing experience, but it is also exhausting and brings a lot of responsibility.  From the second your child is born, you, as a parent are now responsible to protect this tiny human in every aspect of life. When your child becomes sick, as a parent you often feel helpless. […]


Telemedicine: What is it and why is it important to understand during this time? Healthcare organizations are doing all they can to limit the number of patients coming in and out of their facilities, but many of these patients still need consultations and follow up care. In order to navigate around this, many organizations are […]