What is TeleAdvocacy, and How Can it Help?

What is TeleAdvocacy?

TeleAdvocacy is patient advocacy from a distance; such as via a technology platform, such as telephone, video visits, emails, and text messaging. TeleAdvocacy provides the opportunity to have an experienced patient advocate help you even if they are not demographically close to you. 

How Can A Private Patient Advocate Advocate for Me without Physically Being There?

I have been offering Teleadvocacy since 2018, well before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A private patient advocate can offer the assistance virtually as if in person. I can review medical records, communicate with your doctors and other members of the healthcare team, and advocate for you virtually. If you need in-home assistance or assistance with driving to appointments, I can arrange an adequate person to assist with that. I have many adult children who ask me to advocate for their aging parents, and this can successfully be done via TeleAdvocacy.

What if I am not Technology savvy?

Many clients are concerned because they are not well-versed in technology such as video visits or even email. That is not a problem at all. I have many clients whose only access to technology is a basic telephone. Over the years, I have developed ways to simplify technology needs for teleAdvocacy and avoid the process from feeling overwhelming to patients. Many clients are not willing to have someone physically enter their home, often their comfort zone; therefore TeleAdvocacy becomes a much more inviting option. 

What are the Cost Benefits?

Private patient advocates change based on the amount of time their service is needed. In-person advocacy incurs the charges of travel time such as driving, etc. TeleAdvocacy avoids these charges and also helps the advocate be more readily available to help you when needed.

TeleAdvocacy is a great tool that allows you to find an experienced private patient advocate who is just right for you and your situation.  If you would like to discuss how TeleAdvocacy would best fit your needs, please give me a call (947) 517-8395.