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Is Genetic Testing Right For You?

You may have heard about genetic testing. But what exactly is it and is it something you should consider? Genetic testing identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. It can be used for precision medicine to help best manage your condition. Why Genetic Testing? Precision medicine is an emerging field of medicine that relies on […]

What Can a Private Patient Advocate Do for Me?

Increasing awareness of the necessity for private patient advocacy has increased. While the term Private Patient Advocacy is becoming known, many wonder what a private patient advocate can actually do for them. What’s the benefit? There are several benefits a private patient advocate can help with, including cancer and chronic disease management, senior care placement, […]

COVID Vaccine? Help!

What to do? Is it Right for you? Yes, Please! The emergence of the COVID-19 vaccine comes with a lot of mixed emotions. Some view it as a cure to this long pandemic-driven quarantine and the first step toward some sense of normality, with hopes to once again hug grandchildren and dine with friends without […]

Health For The Holidays

The holiday season has officially begun and people all over the world have started preparing for Christmas. It is a magical time of year, filled with holiday get-togethers, hot cocoa, baking, Hallmark Movies, tree-lightings, shopping, and other festivities. While many will describe it as their “favorite time of year,” if you or a loved one […]


Hopefully, you have been fortunate enough to never have heard the word “cholangiocarcinoma” come from the lips of a doctor or a loved one. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same…  What in the world is Cholangiocarcinoma? Cholangiocarcinoma is a rare cancer, which is also known as cancer of the bile duct. The ducts of the […]