It is no secret that coronavirus cases are on the rise again. In a time of such uncertainty, how can you be best prepared to ensure your health does not suffer during this time? How can you ensure that you have all the tools you need to manage your needs if the country goes back on lockdown? Preparation and proactivity are key. Here are some things you can do now to be prepared so that you can continue the path to your best health.


Almost all healthcare providers are utilizing telemedicine during this pandemic. Many organizations have transitioned strictly to virtual visits to protect themselves and their patients. If the country goes on lockdown, telemedicine will likely be the only option for routine care. It is important to speak to your physicians about their telemedicine options. Contact your healthcare providers to find out which platforms they use for telemedicine visits. If you need to download any applications or software, create usernames for portals, or receive education on how to connect with your providers virtually, get it done now.


Can you imagine running out of medication that you take daily for a chronic condition and not being able to reach your provider for a refill? With the potential for closures and staffing shortages, it is important to have all the prescriptions you need ahead of time. Connect with your providers to ensure that your prescriptions have an adequate number of refills in the event you are unable to reach your providers for any period of time. Don’t wait until the last minute or until it is too late.


Be proactive and make your appointments for routine care ahead of time. Do you see your nephrologist monthly? Do you see your cardiologist quarterly? Are you due for your annual physical with your primary care physician soon? If you already know that these appointments are upcoming, get them scheduled now! Do not let your health suffer by waiting and not being able to see or speak with your providers. If your appointments are already made, you can always move them or change them to virtual visits if that becomes necessary.   

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