Is your Health a Mess? Don’t know where to Start?… We do!

Does it feel like your health has gotten out of control? You try to manage one symptom and the other symptoms pop up. Or perhaps you were too depressed or overwhelmed to really focus on getting things fixed. Do you now feel more tired and don’t have the energy to participate in things that you used to? Does it feel too big of a problem to handle? Do you want to get better care and more testing, but are concerned about insurance costs? Or maybe you don’t have insurance. TAKE A DEEP BREATH…. We know where to start. Let us help!

Step 1

Start by giving us a call (or email). Let us listen and hear all about your problems. Not only does it feel good to let it out and ask an expert for help, but we know what to do to get things better. Tell us your wish list and we will put together a plan to make it happen. Don’t hold back – tell us what you want your quality of life to be, even if it seems so far from where you currently are.

Step 2

We will create a personal plan just for you. A stepwise plan that will address all your challenges and healthcare concerns – Both medical and financial. A plan that has achievable steps. One that can be referred back to and checked to see how work toward the plan is making progress toward achieving your goals.

Step 3

Get into action. Planning is essential, but planning goes nowhere if action is not taken.  Let us carry out the plan and walk with you throughout the often scary journey to finding that new diagnosis, or treatment plan, whatever it may be. We are here for you. Let a private patient advocate use the expertise and experience to check things off your plan and do the long calls, research, planning, and navigating. 

Step 4

The next step is to review, revise, and act on the revised plan so that the process can continue to improve your quality of life and reach your goals. Your goals may change and you may have new ones as you get better, stronger, and more focused…and that ok, it’s actually a good thing.

Let a private patient advocate give you reassurance, clarity, and a plan to get you on the right path and carry out the plan. 

Let’s talk today to get started (947) 517-8395