Are You Properly Invested in Your Health?

Have you taken the steps needed to get out of this rut and actually get answers? Proper testing? Proper diagnosis? Proper management? Has your quality of life improved? If not, make the change now. 

Working with a private patient advocate can help you finally get answers to your questions and move forward with your health journey.

How can a Private patient advocate help accomplish this?

  1. Personalized Plan: Create a personalized step-by-step plan that is easy to follow to help achieve your goals whatever they may be.
  1. Carry out the plan. For me this starts with reviewing medical records to familiarize myself with details, look for errors and gaps in care. Having a detailed well informed. Basis to start with will help you and your advocate work most efficiently.  This varies from person to person. For example, your plan may include having additional specialized testing undertaken. Finding a specialized second opinion. Finding cost-effective management pains including mediation coverage and much more. 
  1. Advocating for you along the way. Even though a nice plan is set, I always recommend planning for the unexpected. Roadblocks may be met that cause plan modification. You may develop new symptoms during the process of navigating your health. You may unexpectedly end up in the hospital. It’s such a great feeling to know your private patient is there for you along the way whatever unexpected occurs. 
  1. Staying on track: In addition to carrying the plan, it is equally as important to stay on track by keeping organized records, adequately communicating with your care team, and reviewing your progress through your journey. Often people forget to review their progress, however, this step is so essential. Reviewing your progress helps. Keep you on track see what is working what was less helpful and clarify the next steps. It also often highlights your accomplishments and how far you have come in your journey. 

Are you ready to finally get out of your health rut? Ready for a positive change? You deserve to be healthier, happier, more informed, have better care, and an improved quality of life. Make today the day you feel different tomorrow!