Life is the most precious thing you have… take good care of it.

We provide personalized coordination and support to help guide individuals and families through their healthcare journey, helping them manage their healthcare.  Specifically, we assist our clients in understanding care and treatment options in order to help our clients make informed decisions by assigning a Patient Navigator to each case. Please note, Pathway Patient Advocates does NOT provide medical treatment or diagnosis. 

The initial consult includes our assessment process, listening to your needs, and helping determine what your goals are. Then we will create a personalized plan that will help you achieve your goals. We are available to advocate for you along the way as long as you want us around. You never have to feel alone.

Our Services

Each client’s situation is unique. Here is a list of common services offered:

Cancer or Chronic Disease Navigating

Perhaps you or a loved one recently were diagnosed with cancer or a debilitating disease. We are here to help and provide resources to navigate the path to a plan that works for you. We are here for you through it all. You are not alone in this.

Medical Billing Assistance and Negotiation

Are you confused or overwhelmed by medical bills? Don’t worry, we speak the language and are here to help navigate your way to clarity. We can assist in lowering and appealing medical bills.

Insurance Coverage or Uninsured

Insurance plans can be difficult to decipher and policies vary greatly amongst plans. We can help provide information so the path to choosing the right plan is simplified. If you are uninsured, we can provide resources to assist you in receiving necessary care.

International Care

Medical guidance for international patients (also non-English speaking patients)

Are you from another country? Is English not your primary language? Do you need help transferring international care? Do you need assistance with choosing the best healthcare plan? We have you covered. We are here to ease your transition into the American culture.

Senior Care Placement

As we age or develop different medical issues; we become less independent. Loss of dependence, whether minor or complete can be a difficult adjustment. There are many factors involved in choosing the best placement and care for yourself or a loved one. We will help make that transition smooth and enjoyable.

Pediatric Navigation

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a significant acute illness or chronic disease? If so, you are likely feeling overwhelmed (as if being a parent isn’t overwhelming enough), scared and alone. We are here for you and your family to help you navigate the process. This includes resources such as coordination of care, second opinions, researching different treatment options, etc. You don’t have to travel the path alone.

Medical Profile Summary

A Medical Profile Summary is an up-do-date organized summary that includes your pertinent medical history, contacts, and medical wishes. It is typically 1-3 pages long.  Once this is created it can be easily updated as things change. It is important because if you are in an emergency situation, the healthcare professionals will quickly have pertinent information that they need to help care for you best. Another place it comes in handy is when going to see a new doctor or another healthcare provider. It is a great idea to give a copy of your Medical Profile Summary to a family member or friend in case of an emergency.