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We are never “prepared” on how to care for a loved one whose ill… and we should never have to do it alone.

No one is ever taught how to care for a sick loved one. It doesn’t matter if your a doctor, a nurse, a mother, a grandparent, a child, a brother, a sister, or a friend; NO schooling or experience ever teach or prepares you for how to care for a sick loved one. Whether it’s […]

What is a Board Certified Patient Advocate?

And why do you need one?… Many people are not yet familiar with a patient advocate, let alone a board-certified patient advocate. In addition, you may have heard of hospitals or insurance companies offering a patient advocate. So what’s the difference?  And why do you need one? What is a Patient Advocate? A patient advocate […]

Rare Disorder or Misdiagnosed?How a Private Patient Advocate Can Help

Perhaps you are given a diagnosis that just doesn’t seem right for you. Perhaps your symptoms don’t add up to what your healthcare provider told you. Or…perhaps you were diagnosed with a rare disease and not offered much treatment or management plan.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, then continue reading… Sadly, […]

PA, NP, MD, DO, Resident, Fellow…how are these titles different?

Years ago a person wearing a white coat in a hospital or medical office was a doctor…plain and simple.  Well…this is no longer the case.  As if the healthcare system isn’t confusing enough, providers with various acronyms all wear white coats. So how do you know who is who, and what exactly do they all […]

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Healthcare?

None of us are strangers to receiving a bill after a physician’s office visit, a procedure, or hospital admission, and thinking “WOAH, there is no way this is right”. Medical billing errors are common, and unfortunately, many people are overpaying for healthcare services. Some errors are a result of miscoding, while others are attributed to […]

What is a Patient Advocate and why do I need one?

The healthcare system is pretty confusing to everyone.  A patient advocate is here to help with that.  A patient advocate can help you understand and What can a Patient Advocate actually do for me? Bills:  Approximately 80% of medical bills contain errors.  You may be receiving bills or even collection notices.  You may even be […]