Who We Are

Two experienced healthcare professionals dedicated to helping you navigate through the complexities of our healthcare system.

Meet Pathway Patient Advocates

Elena Borrelli – Elena holds a Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies and is a Certified Physician Assistant, Board Certified Patient Advocate.

Kristie Eid – Kristie holds a Masters of Health Services Administration, member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

Together, Elena and Kristie have over 35 years of experience in the medical field in both clinical and administrative settings. Apart from their experience in professional practices, Elena and Kristie have both encountered frustration and discrepancies while personally navigating the health care system. Their passion is to help patients better understand the overwhelmingly confusing medical system. Elena and Kristie have experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Their experience includes cancer care, surgery, elderly care, international patients, second opinions, medical billing, and insurance. It is their compassion, experience, and determination that sets Pathway Patient Advocates apart from the rest.

Elena Borrell and Kristie Eid

What We Do

What is a private patient advocate?

A private patient advocate is an individual who works with patients and their loved ones to look out for the patient’s best interest and ensure they are receiving the proper care necessary for treatment. A private patient advocate differs from an advocate that is provided complimentary by healthcare systems or insurance companies. A private patient advocate works directly for YOU!

Why do you need a patient advocate?

The healthcare system is complicated and difficult to navigate for an individual without background or experience in the field. Three main reasons you may need a patient advocate are for communication, understanding, and coordination.

Communication – Patient advocates help individuals communicate with their healthcare providers.

Understanding – Patient advocates help patients understand medical lingo and appreciate their different treatment options.

Coordination – Patient advocates help coordinate office visits and appointments for various testing and procedures.


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